install Apps in memory card in galaxy fame

galaxy fame S6812.

All applications are installed into device memory by default and I could not move the installed apps into memory card. And there is no option “Move to SDCard” in device application manager. I have tried with some tools (like App to Sd card) but failed.

If rooted “Folder Mount” may help and the description on google play gives quite a good explanation.

Android 4 and upwards does not really expect there to be SD cards and does not include the ability to install apps on SD (Samsung thankfully continue to provide the facility of an SDcard for data – although Nexus phones don’t)

Many apps have settings which allow data to be saved to SD card rather than “internal storage” Normally on samsungs, the internal storage is a folder called /storage/sdcard0 and the real removeable SD card is something like /storage/ExtSdCard (name from Note2)