titanium backup cloud upload fails

I’m able to backup to Google Drive and Dropbox, but it’s a bit fragile. TB coding for the syncs/backups is really not very robust. The notifications are pretty nondescript and there is no real logging. It seems to me that any glitch in the data transfers cause the syncs to exit, rather than execute any retries.
I’m having some troubles too im on TBP 5.6 and whenever i sync to either drop or drive i get “upload to google drive failed network error”. However i dont need to resume, i can continue. Im not sure if those backups are viable since it was disconnected so many times. The backups work, but the code seems to me to be not very robust. You need to watch your notifications to make sure the backup was successful, and if not, run another one manually.

It’s annoying, and I don’t think it’s going to change.

Google Drive and Dropbox give network errors when trying to upload. I bought Titanium Backup Pro specifically for cloud sync. The first time, it synced about 300 MB to my Google Drive account, but then the backup stopped. Now it doesn’t even sync that much anymore; it just fails – BOTH on Google Drive and on Box. For Google Drive it tells me there was a “Network error”, for Box it tells me: “Internal error com.android.providers.settings.apk.lzop”

Try Foldersync.

Had some issues originally syncing to the cloud where it always failed and it turned out to be Google music related. Specifically I think it was the amount of offline files it couldn’t sync or maybe it was a database, I don’t recall but basically I setup a new job to sync very little and slowly increased it until I figured out what the issue was.

Delete the backup for the apk listed in the error message, then back the app up again. That’s fixed Dropbox sync issues for me on multiple occasions.