Personal VPN

You can use a free program called Hotspot Shield and it will hide your IP Address.


The Anonymous US Privacy IP service 

Use your PPTP or OpenVPN service on all your devices! Extend the same security, anonymity, and preferred IP location that VPN has always provided to all of your wireless devices. Sabai Technologies VPN wireless routers utilize your current VPN service to create a home VPN network in just five minutes of setup.

Advanced features such as dual gateway make wired or wirelessly connect your: Tablets, Laptops, Smart Phones, Streaming Devices, Smart TV or Game Consoles simple and easy. Sabai Technology has wireless VPN routers for anyone, whether you are connecting just a few devices in a small space or connecting hundreds of devices in a business setting.

Not sure which VPN Router is right for you? Try the Ultimate VPN Router Comparison Guide.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) creates a secure tunnel between you and a safe server that encrypts and protects you and your information. In this day and age where governments and companies are spying on virtually everyone, we all need this type of protection.

Resist the urge to use a free or very cheap VPN service. In exchange for providing the free service, you agree to let them look at your data for marketing purposes.

A lot of people outside of the USA cannot access certain video and other websites that are only available from American IP addresses. This is also true in other countries where people lining outside their home country can no longer access sites restricted to their country. A Personal VPN with servers in that country will easily resolve this issue.

For a premium product we suggest this Personal VPN service which is reliable and secure. They run many servers throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe. Offering both TCP and UDP OpenVPN connections allows them to thwart blocking schemes that other vendors can’t penetrate. Also offered is a PPTP/L2TP or OpenVPN service for smart phones and tablets like iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy. Additionally, they provide multiple ports to access the VPN, further enhancing their ability to beat the web blocks. Finally, they change – and never repeat – their IP addresses often, making it very problematic for ISP’s to block their IP addresses.

If you are only interested in basic service, with servers in 5 countries, we recommend this inexpensive no frills entry level VPN Service. It provides Both OpenVPN and PPTP/L2TP VPN servers to the USA allowing you to secure your connection, prevent wireless hotspot hacks, and unblock websites from around the world.

For an offshore only VPN service and secure email products, which operates only in countries with strong privacy laws, we recommend this Offshore VPN Service. They operate OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP servers in several offshore locations and provide several unique and useful security products.

Router configuration

Before you can start configuring your router for HMA! Pro VPN, the first step is to check if it’s compatible.Some routers like the ASUS RT-N16 can connect to the VPN without needing to flash custom firmware (like DD-WRT, OpenWRT or Tomato firmware). Please refer to the Connection Instructions page for links to setup instructions.If you don’t know if your routers is compatible or not, you can try to adapt the settings from the other tutorials.


But most routers need to be at least compatible with DD-WRT firmware, so it can be flashed and the router configured for HMA! Pro VPN.
You can check if your router supports this @ the DD-WRT router database or the DD-WRT supported devices list

How to install the DD-WRT firmare:

For a list of all available router-related tutorials, see Tutorials:Router Configuration