Norton labels any new sofware as WS.Reputation.1

WS.Reputation.1 – is this the best they can come with?

‎12-21-2011 08:29 PM – edited ‎12-21-2011 08:33 PM

I just found out that Norton labels any new sofware as WS.Reputation.1 VIRUS and deletes it after the download.

Please can some here answer these questions?

1. How Norton users will get to a perfectly fine new file if it is labeled as virus and deleted?
2. Why Norton ruins businesses by labeling perfectly fine new version of software as virus?
3. Why is Norton LYING to his paying customers and robs them from ability to try and use perfectly fine software?
4. Is that the best they can think of? Taking customers money for nothing is that the new Norton business model?
5. Do you pretend to have reputation by scaring people with nonsense and lying about other vendor files and labeling them WS.Reputation.1 ?

They have invented this name WS.Reputation.1 to sound like a virus. On their own qweb site they explain they use that label when they DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE FILE! How can you label file as virus if you acknowledge you do not know anything about it? Are you running a little scam here?