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Messages asking for personal information:

Reporting suspicious messages:

I ‘ve received this message:

Estimado Usuario de Gmail,

Sus dos correos entrantes se colocaron en estado de espera debido a la reciente actualización de nuestra base de datos. Con el fin de recibir los mensajes haga clic aquí para iniciar sesión y esperar la respuesta de nuestro servidor.

Les pedimos disculpas por las molestias que este cambio les pueda ocasionar y gracias por su comprensión.


Atención al Cliente.”

It’s a scam called phishing to try steal your private info / password ,  click on the down arrow at the top right of the email and select “Report phishing” from the drop down menu.  This will help Gmail warn others that the email is a scam , or use the following form:

some info :

never give out your password to emailed requests , any email from Google must end – also click the show details arrow and make sure the domain you see next to the ‘mailed-by’ or ‘signed-by’ lines matches the sender’s email address. If you see messages claiming to be from, but are not properly authenticated as coming from, then they are, phishing messages.   Google will never ask you for your password (other than in their normal sign in screens, etc.). If you ever get an email asking for your password, you can be guaranteed that it isn’t from Google/Gmail.