Concept Development

If you already have a conceptual idea, we can make a  technological feasibility study and patent research to see if the planned  product can be developed under the restrictions of cost/technology and patented  designs. International standards and norms to be met are also investigated and  considered in the design’s specifications.

Project Management

You can feel confident that your project is under  control. At the beginning, we will present a planning report outlining the  activities, resources and dates required for the project. Next, we will  periodically report on the advance of these activities. In this way, you can  monitor that your project is being developed in time and within budget.

Technical Documentation

We firmly believe that any good design can be  useless without the proper documentation for manufacturing, servicing and  maintenance. Depending on the requirements of the project, our documentation  package may include: Bill Of Materials, schematic diagrams, PCB Gerber files,  theory of operation of the design, source code for the firmware and software  developed, test results, technical manual or user manual and information  pertinent to project management.

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