aaresource dll

The aaresource dll is for the Amazon Assistant for internet explorer 11. Uninstalled the Amazon Assistant through Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features and have not further issues with errors or the mshtml sitting in open progs.

In Windows 7, trying to do backup, getting error code 0x8078002A

had this problem, too, with Windows 7, trying to use Windows Backup to two new Western Digitial 3TB drives, pre-formatted with NTFS for Windows. It’s very frustrating because each attempt takes many hours before the error occurs so you don’t know until it succeeds whether it will.

I found what worked for me here:


You can download WD Quick Formatter from that site. However, don’t follow the instructions on that page for formatting a HD under Windows 7, because it tells you how to use MS Disk Management, which will make a 2TB partition and not recognize the remainder of the drive. You must use WD Quick Formatter as described here:


Google provides quite a number of cases involving the same problem you are experiencing. None seemed to be resolved. A number refer to USB external drives.

My research has led me to the two sites mentioned below. On the Petri site I found the quotes extracted as they may point to a possible solution.

Are you using an Enterprise or Ultimate version of Windows as these include Bit Locker Drive Encryption

As a general recommendation in regard to using Windows 7 as a client operating system, use either internal hard disks, separate from the one Windows is installed on. Alternatively, use an external USB hard disk and make sure you disconnect it after you perform your backup.

You cannot use any of the following destinations:

•The destination is locked by BitLocker Drive Encryption.



Permisos de SQL Server en Windows Vista

Un problema común al usar SQL Server en Windows Vista es que al usar la base de datos por primera vez nos encontramos que no tenemos ningún privilegio administrativo y aparece el error:

‘CREATE DATABASE Permission denied in database ‘master”

La razón básica en SQL Server 2005  es que los usuarios del grupo administrativo de Windows Vista no reciben por default privilegios administrativos en la base de datos y es necesario realizar un procedimiento para otorgar estos privilegios.

Paso 0:

Login en Vista como adminstrador

Paso 1:

Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2005 > Configuration Tools > SQL Server Surface Area Configuration

Paso 2:

‘Add New Administrator’

Paso 3:

En el dialogo

    ‘SQL Server User Provisioning on Vista’


    ‘Member of the SqlServer SysAdmin role ‘


    ‘Available Privileges’


    ‘Privileges that will be granted to’

El mismo problema me ocurrió con SQL Server Express 2008, pero por lo menos la versión Express no incluye  la utilería

SQL Server Surface Area Configuration

Como además se me había olvidado el password la solución fue reinstalar el SQL Server Express y entrar al administrador de la base de datos con el usuario sa